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Learn the backstory of this great place----

This SHOW we bring you HOP LIFE BREWING COMPANY- located in beautiful Port St. Lucie Florida- near Met's Stadium, PGA National Golf Course, and a tons of great restaurants and shops.
I find that the stories behind how the BREWERY came onto the scene, is fascinating to hear as the passion for the craft brew industry has continued to skyrocket throughout our state of Florida and across the US.

Meet Rob Tearle and Jim Kelly

Founded in 2011 by Jim Kelly as an apparel company, with the proceeds used as a fundraiser to establish this cool place of 5300 square feet.

In 2012 Rob Tearle joined in on the fun followed by Jeffrey Biltman in 2016.
Hop Life Brewing Company is more than a craft brewing company, it’s a way of life. Jim and Rob are both aware of the importance of values, passion, and dedicated teamwork due to their successful careers in the fire service. Jim is a 33 year veteran firefighter and recently retired Battalion Chief with the Saint Lucie County Fire District.

Jim has owned and operated two previous businesses, a landscaping business and Blue Water Pool service. Rob is a 28 year veteran firefighter, and currently works with the Air Rescue Program on the Saint Lucie County Fire District. Jeffrey Biltman founded Dadan Packaging in 1987 and sold the business in 2000. He is currently the owner and president of Golf Car Depot in Palm Beach County.

So was Jim the brainchild of this operation to begin with?
Did you all start as home brewers or were some of you the craftsmen and the others the taste testers?
Take is through how it evolved since 2011
When did you officially open the doors?
What struggles and challenges did you overcome



Connect with Hop Life Brewing Company!

Hop Life Brewing Company:  w(website): https://www.hoplife.com  IG(Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/hoplifebrewing   FB(Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/hoplifebrewingcompany/ p(Phone #): (772) 249-5055

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