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This SHOW we bring you HOP LIFE BREWING COMPANY- located in beautiful Port St. Lucie Florida- near Met's Stadium, PGA National Golf Course, and a tons of great restaurants and shops.

Meet Rob Tearle and Jim Kelly

 Listen into this show and get to know Rob and Jim a little better!  These guys work way too many hours to have this kind of fun.  Maybe it’s the beer?  Nah…..


  • Favorite beer that DOESN’T have your label on it?
  • Worst flavor idea you had
  • Hidden talent
  • Favorite band
  • Last meal on earth- what would you have and what would you drink with it
  • Your perfect afternoon

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Connect with Hop Life Brewing Company!

Hop Life Brewing Company:  w(website): https://www.hoplife.com  IG(Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/hoplifebrewing  FB(Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/hoplifebrewingcompany/ p(Phone #): (772) 249-5055

As always thanks to you for listening – and a special thanks to our signature BAND who allows us to use their song: Love and Alcohol- the amazing sounds of TOGETHER PANGEA—check them out on Spotify or at their website: together PANGEA.com -cool guys cool song. Thanks.


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