As a woman that loves good food and good brews, I still feel a longing to connect with fellow women when at the breweries I visit weekly.  The number of women brew lovers is rising but beer still seems to be something of less interest from a societal aspect.  I personally enjoy a craft beer flight more than just ONE beer because to me, it's all about tasting flavors, not consuming alcohol to get a "buzz."

many female friends tell me they don't like beer because it makes them feel bloated and the calories are too high. Well I say BULLSHOT (yes, I know I spelled it wrong- my kids read this blog).

Any idea how much the just ONE standard girlie drink can fetch?  Here are a few:

  • Frozen Margarita = 740 calories
  • Long Island Iced Tea = 780 calories
  • Mudslide = 594 calories
  • Strawberry Daiquiri = 250 calories
  • White Wine = 220 calories

So I started thinking.... if women could experience craft beers like I get to ( in moderation and consuming only quality brews), maybe they would appreciate the joy of brews a little more?

With that concept in mind, I came up with the idea of hosting events at local breweries for women while networking as well.  I knew I needed a name that would attract women with an adventurous side and not the typical society snobbery that can come from traditional happy hour networking. And so comes........ Brews & Broads.

I hope the name alone hits people in the way that women attending this event have a sense of humor and open to learning and exploring new things.

I want to host these events at all breweries throughout the state.  The format of the event starts with the typical networking and biz card exchange but quickly moves into a brewery lead flight school session followed by a personal tour of the brewery.

Why not?  I'll bring gift certificates and giveaways from the local area we are at and encourage the attendees to bring giveaways as well.

Look on Facebook and Instagram for events coming your way!  And if you are reading this and run a brewery, call or email me and let's get something going at your place real soon!!

Kimball Stadler


Here's an example of what we will produce for each event. Keep in mind, if a business wants to sponsor this event, it's only $75.  Affordable and we blast the event on social media and the breweries always share the event with their folks too.  Cheap advertising, don't you think?

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