American Icon Brewery | A Diesel Plant?

From an old abandoned Diesel Plant to a treasure of the community---

Indoors or outdoors, this is a spot you will want to visit whether you are a resident or just out for a drive up the Treasure Coast! Great brews, great eats, and an amazing atmosphere!

And to kick this show off, we introduce: Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and now Brewery Founder….Michael Rechter 

And the amazing Brew Master...Jesse Robles


I find that the stories behind how the BREWERY came onto the scene, so start us out: Why the love of Vero Beach?  Why this building? It’s interesting to say the least--- paint a picture for our listeners.

Who thought of this idea – gee- let’s convert this old diesel plant into a brewery?

How did this BREWERY all come together? What struggles and challenges did you overcome – and what’s on the horizon for the AMERICAN ICON BREWERY? And what about other places on the map you’re spreading your entrepreneurial reach?




American Icon Brewery:  w(website):   IG(Instagram): FB(Facebook):    p(Phone #): (772) 934-4266

As always thanks to you for listening – and a special thanks to our signature BAND who allows us to use their song: Love and Alcohol- the amazing sounds of TOGETHER PANGEA—check them out on Spotify or at their website: together -cool guys cool song. Thanks.

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