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This month we bring you AMERICAN ICON BREWERY- in the heart of the Vero Beach Arts Village lives American Icon Brewery, committed to pulling the community together through great brews, an incredible menu, and quite the unique space.  Oh- there is a story here and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Indoors or outdoors, this is a spot you will want to visit whether you are a resident or just out for a drive up the Treasure Coast! Great brews, great eats, and an amazing atmosphere!

We’re back with Michael Rechter—owner and founder of American Icon Brewery

Paint a picture for our listeners—what do you want them to visualize.?

And yes, be sure to check out pictures of the place on Instagram for AI and Brew Time Radio, their website: and Facebook.  As well as my behind the scenes pics on Brew Time Radio’s social media spots.

And who’s your mad brew scientist you have with us today?

Jesse Robles? Jesse- what’s the brew set up onsite here? Equipment overview

What’s your vision for the future? Distribution or onsite production only?

Food creations--- let’s get everyone hungry

When kind of venues are you looking to have on a monthly basis?

Staffing wise-  I heard you’re anticipating 80 employees?

Describe the menu to us

Give us the brew picture--- what will you have on tap to start off with?

Any concoctions that you’re conjuring up?

Stay tuned for our next show as we get to sample the brews and tell you the backstory and all the secrets from our the American Icon brew master here on the Treasure Coast


American Icon Brewery:  w(website):



(Phone #): (772) 934-4266

As always thanks to you for listening – and a special thanks to our signature BAND who allows us to use their song: Love and Alcohol- the amazing sounds of TOGETHER PANGEA—check them out on Spotify or at their website: together -cool guys cool song. Thanks.

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